Kind Words

I received the following letter via the contact form on this website last night and so I thought I would share it. Not that I’m bragging, but I do receive notes like these every so often, which are obviously great to see pop up in my inbox, but it never occurred to me to share them before. In the past, it always made sense to me to keep those letters as “mine,” but this one in particular felt especially humbling. As I said to its sender, I always find reactions like these to be very rewarding–not just because the reader responded so positively to my writing, but because at times when it feels like my books have finally disappeared into the ether of the internet, something like this comes along to remind me that they still have life in them.

I am writing because I recently finished your superb short story collection, “The End of Summer” and wanted to thank you and share my appreciation for it.

I grew up in my small Ohio town, and I feel that, probably more than any other author, you capture that something special and magical about this holiday that so many authors overlook. I grew up, but that sense of excitement, wonder, and yes, even danger is something that will always stick with me. Reading your stories, I felt all of that again, and for that reason alone I can’t commend you enough.

Halloween is a complicated holiday for many people, and I feel that you really nailed the core of what it can mean for so many people. While some stories dabble in gruesome horror (“Devil’s Night”), there are others that deal with the sweeter side of Halloween, such as “Hersh’s Last Ride”. As a fellow Halloween (not just horror) obsessive, I believe that you’ve written something pretty comprehensive I’ll dust off (or re-download, but you get the idea) every autumn.

Once again, I want to thank you for writing such a collection. During the autumn months, I find myself wanting something uniquely Halloween, and I think that your collection will scratch that itch for many years to come. I anxiously await any further writings.