Fright Friends Adventures

HouseOnCreepStreetThe first entry in what my co-author and I have called “Fright Friends Adventures” is here. Co-written with good friend and writing partner Chris Evangelista, “Fright Friends Adventures” are quite different from what I have published thus far (hence the pseudonym we created – The Blood Brothers – with which we’ve so far had a lot of fun). Though one foot is still proudly placed in the horror genre, these spooky adventures are written entirely for ages 8 through 18. Strongly influenced by kid-friendly authors Ray Bradbury, R.L. Stine, and Neil Gaiman, classic television favorites “Are You Afraid of the Dark?” and “Goosebumps,” and not to mention films like The Monster Squad and The Goonies, “Fright Friends Adventures” is a celebration of the time in which purer novels were written for kids with no other agenda than to provide a good scare, a good lesson, and along the way, have a lot of fun.

BewareTheMonstrousMantherThe Blood Brothers’ aim with every “Fright Friends Adventure” is to provide a good scare for its readers while also addressing very real-world problems that children face everyday. The authors believe it’s important that their audience be entertained, yet not be talked down to. It’s because of this that there are themes of emotional development present in every book dealing with issues pertaining to family, friendship, society, and more. The Blood Brothers’ motto: Every book should contain the makings of one good (and harmless) nightmare and one long-lasting moral.

Much more information on “Fright Friends Adventures,” as well as news on future novels and an amusing “history” of the Blood Brothers, can be found at The Fright Friends website.