“The Promise”

Found this in an old folder of much older writing. Wrote this when I was 12 or so; I’d been reading a lot of EC Comics at that time, so, don’t judge me. Copied/pasted here verbatim, warts and all. Spoiler: It’s terrible. Hope I’ve improved!


“Please put down the gun, please! I’ll give you a divorce, you can have my money, but please, let me-.” A shot fired. Another. Muriel slumped forward and died. I put my gun in my pocket and went to work. I picked up her body and put her in the drivers seat in her car. I had driven her out to the woods to “talk.” I really came out here to get rid of Muriel’s body.

I released the brake and went to the back of the car. I pushed it and I watched it tumble down into the ravine. It was falling for a couple seconds, then it exploded when it hit the ground.

I climbed back in my car and drove back into town. To Beth. To my happy life.

(Read the rest…if you dare.)