The Promise


“Please put down the gun, please! I’ll give you a divorce, you can have my money, but please, let me-.” A shot fired. Another. Muriel slumped forward and died. I put my gun in my pocket and went to work. I picked up her body and put her in the drivers seat in her car. I had driven her out to the woods to “talk.” I really came out here to get rid of Muriel’s body.

I released the brake and went to the back of the car. I pushed it and I watched it tumble down into the ravine. It was falling for a couple seconds, then it exploded when it hit the ground.

I climbed back in my car and drove back into town. To Beth. To my happy life.

I had met Muriel a year ago. We dated for a while and then got married. She was such a bitch but oh, so rich. I’d sing this little song to myself. The song didn’t lie, I hated Muriel. I had married her for her money. She was 45 and I was 38.

I met Beth six months after I married Muriel. I had fallen in love with Beth. I had gone to Beth many times during the night. I had gotten tired of the secret meetings and sneeking out. I wanted Beth, all the time.

“Why don’t you just divorce her” Beth had asked.

“Because we wouldn’t have her money.” I said.

“The only way you could get the money was for Muriel to die.”

“I had thought about that. Many times, but we couldn’t pull it off.”

“Get rid of her body, in a place no one would find her, not for awhile”

I looked at Beth, looked in her eyes. Her eyes gleamed, not just for the idea of money, but the excitement of pulling of a scheme, a murder.

We planned it all. Muriel and I would drive out to the woods for a picnic. I would give her another chance for a divorce. If not, I’d killer and destroy her body.

I fled home to Beth’s waiting arms.

“Is it done?” she asked, hopefully.

“Yeah.” I said. “We’re rich.” She smiled and kissed me.

After her body wasn’t recovered for a month, she was presumed dead. In her will, is stated that her husband, one William Parker would inherite her estate. Her mansian and her $250,000. We were at Beth’s house.

“250,000! We are rich!” Beth Exclaimed.

“But we can’t see each other for a whiles Beeing seen with you right after her death would be too suspicious”

“You’re right. We have to wait at least a month.”

“We’re rich” I said again grinning.”

* * * * *


In the last few months that Muriel lay dead, lots of things happened to her. Animals came and picked at her, and ate some of here. She was dragged off by some bears and laid at the shore of the river. High tide came and her body was washed away. She was washed along the river. She ran ashore and laid there, staring emptilly up.

On the anniversary of her death, she saw the sky. Now, she was just a skeleton in some rags.She got up and looked.

“AAG” she choked. She tried talking.

“No! Please let me live, don’t shoot me!” She looked around. No William. She looked down at herself.

“AAAAAAGGHHHH!” she screamed. All she saw were bones. She then realized she was dead and why she had come to life. Revenge.

* * * * *

Beth and I bought a house next to a river. We lived a life of being pampered and we loved it.

“Poor Muriel” I said. We both laughed. I switched on the big screen T.V.

“Next on “Tales from the Crypt” A husband murder’s his wife for her money, but she’s back!”

“I could have wrote that” I said. We laughed again Suddenly, the door burst open. I turned to see who it is. A skeleton! It was walking towards me.

“Darling” the thing hissed.

“Muriel!” I screamed “No! It can’t be you!”

“Oh but it is” she hissed again. “Oh, your girlfriend.” She advanced on Beth and grabbed her head. She pulled and it came off with a sick wet pop. She turned and threw Beth’s head at me. I looked down at it and fainted.

I awoke in the woods. I couldn’t move. I looked down and saw two skeletal arms holding me still. We were in mud. And we were sinking fast.

“Help!” I screamed, trying to wriggle free. “Help.” The sud was up to my waist. My chest. My neck.

“Help! Hellllll-“ I was cut off. I was totally submerged in mud. I screamed and mud poured into my mouth. I started to wriggle free but I was grasped again. I was spun around and faced Muriel. She kissed me. Everything went black