In case you haven’t noticed, I don’t update this site very often. Unless I have a new book coming out (and I currently have one in second-draft phase), I don’t have a lot of news to share. To sidestep that, I figured I’d share a link to my personal blog — one that shares the name of my first collection, The End of Summer, but one that also predates said book by a couple years. The blog started off as a way for me to start writing with more “discipline,” and force me to commit to writing at least one thing a week, because I’d stepped away from writing for a long time and knew I needed to re-embrace it. It even directly led to the book once I realized how much I’d missed it.

The blog is basically a collection of all the movie reviews and retrospectives I’ve written for other film websites over the years. I’m slowly working to compile them all in one place for future generations of Internetters to peruse long after I’m sucking dirt.

Stop by and bookmark The End of Summer. I try to post daily, even if it’s just a picture or some random and very weird news story. I’ve been dismantling, deleting, and retiring most of my social media accounts because they are used for evil and it’s depressing to see how hive-minded and cultish people are becoming, so if you want a glimpse into my non-life, this’ll have to do. Besides, it’ll keep you company until my first novel is finally ready to infect the masses.