Now Available: A Shadow of Autumn

shadowA Shadow of Autumn takes you back to childhood nostalgia while peeling away the mask to reveal things that haunt your worst nightmares. Within these pages, you’ll find the usual denizens of the holiday—demons, witches, ghosts, and bloodsuckers—along with strange and unknown creatures lurking everywhere from innocuous cornfields and pumpkin patches to basement hatches and high school dances.

These fourteen tales of fall magic and Halloween horrors will keep you looking over your shoulder long after the last light of October has waned.

Don’t say we didn’t warn you…

Table of Contents:
“Salt the Earth” by Gerri Leen
“The Halloween Girl of Coldsprings” by J. Tonzelli
“Hattie’s Ghosts” by Scarlett R. Algee
“Simon’s Cottage” by John Kiste
“The Hairy Man” by Julia Benally
“The Triple Dare” by Miracle Austin
“The Bones of Hillside” by Lee A. Forman
“On a Night like Devil’s Night” by Daniel Weaver
“The September Ceremony” by Gwendolyn Kiste
“Hall ‘O Ween Partie!” by Troy Blackford
“Old Temperanceville” by Mike Watt
“The Jorogumo’s Daughter” by K.Z. Morano
“The Twisted End of Vernon Boggs” by Brooke Warra
“The Balfour Witch” by Tawny Kipphorn

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