The Messages Project

ImageI recently donated a signed copy of The End of Summer to The Messages Project, a pretty wonderful organization centered around children of incarcerated parents. The book will be one of the many special items being auctioned off at an upcoming silent auction. Really flattered and humbled to have been asked to participate with this extremely valuable organization.

The Messages Project is a nonprofit organization that enables children of incarcerated parents to maintain relationships with their mothers and fathers.

Healthy parental connections are essential to a child’s development. Children are the silent victims of their parent’s crime through the trauma and loss of the environment that has been their life. When a child’s parent is incarcerated and a healthy connection is maintained, it reduces the child’s risk for social, emotional, and educational problems. For the incarcerated parent, family connection decreases the likelihood of recidivism. Maintaining and enhancing the bond between the child and the incarcerated parent through video messages and other interactive media are the focal points of The Messages Project.