TEOS_editIn my years on this planet, I’ve had the good fortune to release two separate fiction collections, one entirely of my own work, and one that was a collaboration with a rather infamous zombie fiction author/publisher. While each writing and publishing experience was entirely different from the other, they do share one thing in common: Both opportunities to publish came about strictly through happenstance, coincidence, serendipity; a completely random series of events. It was less about selling myself or my work, but more about crossing paths with individuals who share the same passion for writing that I do and who were in the position to help me reach the next step. Struggling writers by now have gotten their fair share of rejection letters from literary magazines and literary agents. I’ve gotten many, and from both. What I’ve learned, and what other struggling authors should learn, is there are so many more opportunities to getting your work seen besides suffering through eight different versions of query letters and sending them to agents who can’t be bothered to read them, nor respond with anything beyond “thanks but no thanks.” (Seriously, someone responded to me with that once.) These “other” options won’t always work out in your favor (I’ve shared one particular disappointing experience), but sometimes they will, and it’s totally worth the risk.

In the meantime, feel free to sift through each of my book’s entries and learn more about them. I do have several other projects in the works, some with my writing partner, and some strictly solo. God knows when anyone will ever see them, but, they’re certainly taking up their fair share of space in my mind. Keep your eyes peeled to the News page for the newest announcements.