I launched my blog, The End of Summer, in July of 2011, and it’s what got me into all this trouble in the first place. Blogging randomly led to blogging on assignment, which led to proactively seeking assignments about which to blog, and that’s how I crossed paths with the publisher of The End of Summer: Thirteen Tales of Halloween. The blog’s purpose back in 2011 is the same purpose as it is today: to bring you musings on darker and offbeat films, music, lit, art, and consumables; highlights of the macabre; collected ghost stories and urban legends; real and nasty news stories plucked from the headlines; original fiction by yours truly; and other oddities you’ll have to see to believe. The blog updates every night at midnight, so there is constant oddness for you to enjoy. It’s less of a personal journal-type thing and more of a celebration/examination of the weirder facets of film, pop culture, and art.

Come visit if you’re in the mood for the creeps.